Edward A. Fox

CTO, Founder, Ph.D.

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Company Responsibility

Dr. Fox is Chief Technology Officer of Mayfair Group LLC.


International/Commercial Experience

Domain Expertise

Honors and Awards

Professional Leadership

Academic Experience and Accomplishments

Dr. Fox is a Professor in Computer Science (with a courtesy appointment in Electrical and Computer Engineering) at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. He joined VT in 1983 after completing his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Cornell University. His B.S. at MIT was completed in 1972. He directs the Digital Library Research Laboratory.

He is (co)author/editor of 19 books, 130 journal/magazine articles, 224 refereed conference/workshop papers, 67 keynote/distinguished lectures, 84 tutorials, and 615 other publications/reports/presentations.

He has run capstone courses for over 25 years, with hundreds of student teams working on service learning term projects with real clients, awarded for innovative problem-based teaching, aided by technology.

At Virginia Tech he runs the Digital Library Research Laboratory (since 1998, deploying innovative information systems to serve communities), was President of the Engineering Faculty Organization (2015-2017), and served 1990-2014 as Associate Director for Research at the Computing Center and then as Faculty Advisor to Information Technology.

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