Mayfair is developing technologies using artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to make the practice of law more rewarding for lawyers and less expensive for their clients.

What we are working on:

Our current project is focused on summarizing transcripts of witness depositions taken in personal injury cases. The goal of Mayfair is to develop a software solution that is cheaper, faster and unbiased in the summaries that it creates.

Where we are now:

Mayfair Group and Virginia Tech are working to develop a cloud-hosted service to summarize transcripts of witness depositions. The research team has completed its proof-of-concept work and is now developing a tool that is expected to begin beta testing in 2019. A robust web architecture and data storage solution for transcripts is also being developed to provide busy attorneys with highly secure capabilities to easily manage, search and annotate transcripts and to collaborate with clients and expert witnesses. In this and future activities we will follow our Privacy Policy.

Who we are:

James Chapman


Susan Chapman


Edward A. Fox


Naren Ramakrishnan


Contact us:

If you are interested or would like to participate in beta testing, please click here to contact Mayfair Group for more information.

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